Air Pets/Crates

Transporting your pet by air is easy with our custom made boxes/crates purposefully designed for comfortable international pet travel

Taking your pet overseas

Air Pets/Crates

Our wooden 'Air Pet Crates' are made in-house, directly from our own workshop here in North Wales. All crates are custom made to order, therefore, please allow us at least 3 days notice.

Air Pets, Dog Transportation Crates and Boxes

As an optional extra, we also stock 'snug rug' vet approved bedding charged at £5 for Cat Boxes/Small Boxes and £10 for Dog Boxes/Large Boxes. If you require this, please mention it when ordering.

*Prices below are on the assumption that we will be transporting your pet. You can order a custom made box without using our transportation services however a delivery surcharge will apply. Please enquire for costs.

For further information or to order, please get in touch!

  • Sizes and Prices

    Ref LxWxH
    04 20x14x16 51x36x42 7.8 12.5 42
    05 22x14x18 56x36x47 8.3 15.5 48
    06 24x16x20 61x41x52 8.8 21.0 50
    07 26x15x16 66x38x42 8.3 17.0 53
    08 30x16x18 76x41x57 11.3 23.5 70
    10 26x18x22 66x46x57 12.1 28.0 70
    11 28x18x24 71x46x62 13.5 33.0 74
    12 32x18x21 81x46x52 13.6 33.0 74
    13 36x18x22 91x46x57 15.1 39.0 77
    14 30x18x26 76x46x67 15.3 38.5 77
    15 32x20x28 81x51x72 16.5 49.0 83
    16 34x20x28 86x51x72 18.0 52.0 86
    17 36x20x30 91x51x77 20.2 59.0 90
    18 38x22x32 97x56x82 22.6 73.5 95
    19 40x22x34 102x56x87 26.2 82.0 98
    X1 44x23x30 112x59x77 27.5 83.0 108
    X2 44x22x33 112x56x85 28.2 88.0 112
    21 44x22x36 112x56x92 29.0 95.5 116
    X3 45x25x33 114x64x85 29.4 102.0 120
    22 46x24x38 117x61x98 31.2 115.0 123

    In addition, we can also offer the following which are ideal for smaller domestic pets, mammals and rodents:

    Double Cat Box - £80
    Gerbil/Hamster/Mouse - £40
    Rabbit/Guinea Pig - £44

    All our boxes are hand made to any size, direct from our own workshop. So whatever your needs are, we are flexible to cater for any size. Just call Wayne on 07939 473 643 with the details and he will give you an indication of price and timescales.

Evans Direct Wooden Pet Transportation Crates
Bringing your Pet into the UK

Not sure what documents are needed for the transport of your pet into the UK from overseas? Visit DEFRA for useful information associated with transport.


A. The time will depend on the destination route and each will vary, however all transport times are calculated to include multiple rest/toilet stops and the driver will notify you of a estimated arrival time prior to leaving.

A. All pets are provided with a suitable sized pen that is secure and comfortable bedding is always provided.

A. For airport transfers our drivers will contact you directly as soon as your pet/s have been successfully checked in and handed over to the airline personal.

A. The documents needed depend on the transport required. For international travel this will be depend on the country your pet is travelling to but basic documents include flight documentation, health and vaccination records provided by your vet and a pet passport. For European transport we recommend that all animals are vaccinated with proof of veterinary records, micro chipped and travel under the pet passport scheme.

A. Yes. The driver will be able to see your pets throughout the journey; there is no barrier in the vehicle which blocks the drivers view. The pens can also be easily accessed.

A. If for any reason the driver suspects that your pet is unwell, you or a nominated emergency contact number will be notified and if needed your animals will always been seen by a vet. Any decisions regarding your pets health will be made by either you, emergency contact or if these cannot be contacted all decisions will be made by the recommendation of the Veterinary team. You will always be informed when possible.

A. Terms and Conditions of our services are detailed on the Terms Page on our website. You will also find a link on each page in the footer section. You can also download a pdf to save/print/download or email us and we will forward you a copy by request.

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