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Evans Direct are a family run business owned by animal lovers/owners who have many years experience in the road transportation of dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small domestic mammals within the UK. Our wide range of professional pet courier services include all your pet transportation needs (as listed below). As animal owners/lovers ourselves, we treat all pets in our care with the same loving care and attention as we do our own.

You will find below a list of services, plus information regarding travel documentation (if being dropped off at an airport) and FAQ's which will help you and if you require more information or to check for availability and prices, please get in touch!

  • 'Door to Door' UK Pet Transport

    Your pet will be collected directly from your home address at a time to suit you, and be delivered at the respondent address. All drivers will liaise with both parties to keep you updated on the journey and travel times.

  • Vet Appointment Transfers

    Evans Direct Pet Transport offers a vet appointment transfer service, if for any reason you are unable to attend your pet's veterinary appointment. We will collect at a convenient time and will accompany your pet on your behalf whilst informing you throughout the whole process. This service mainly applies to clients within the North Wales/North West area.

  • International Travel

    If you are immigrating and want to take your pet with you, our drivers will collect your pet from your UK home and deliver them safely to the UK Airports to check them in for their flight. When returning to the UK, our drivers will be there waiting to receive your pet and deliver to a chosen address.

  • Home Boarding

    If your pet is travelling at a different date to you, we offer a home boarding service (fully insured), this can range from overnight stay to several weeks if required. Your pet will stay in the comfort of a family home environment and includes:

    •   Comfortable sleeping area
    •   Food and constant fresh water. If you would prefer to supply own food that is fine also
    •   Dogs will receive daily long walks and get to play with two friendly Labradors
    •   Cats will be provided with litter trays and the opportunity to exercise/ play indoors
    •   If vet visits are required for necessary international export documents, we will book this in with our local vet and accompany your pet throughout the whole process
    •   You will be informed about your pet whilst your away through email and will receive picture and video updates
Evans Direct UK and European Pet Transport Courier Service
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Bringing your Pet into the UK

Not sure what documents are needed for the transport of your pet into the UK from overseas? Visit DEFRA for useful information associated with transport.


A. The time will depend on the destination route and each will vary, however all transport times are calculated to include multiple rest/toilet stops and the driver will notify you of a estimated arrival time prior to leaving.

A. All pets are provided with a suitable sized pen that is secure and comfortable bedding is always provided.

A. For airport transfers our drivers will contact you directly as soon as your pet/s have been successfully checked in and handed over to the airline personal.

A. The documents needed depend on the transport required. For international travel this will be depend on the country your pet is travelling to but basic documents include flight documentation, health and vaccination records provided by your vet and a pet passport. For European transport we recommend that all animals are vaccinated with proof of veterinary records, micro chipped and travel under the pet passport scheme.

A. Yes. The driver will be able to see your pets throughout the journey; there is no barrier in the vehicle which blocks the drivers view. The pens can also be easily accessed.

A. If for any reason the driver suspects that your pet is unwell, you or a nominated emergency contact number will be notified and if needed your animals will always been seen by a vet. Any decisions regarding your pets health will be made by either you, emergency contact or if these cannot be contacted all decisions will be made by the recommendation of the Veterinary team. You will always be informed when possible.

A. Terms and Conditions of our services are detailed on the Terms Page on our website. You will also find a link on each page in the footer section. You can also download a pdf to save/print/download or email us and we will forward you a copy by request.

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